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S7. 2012

Zahra Nouri-Sedeh (MSc.)

Title: Parameters Estimation of Damped Sinusoids Using Neural Networks, In Progress.

S6. 2012


Ahmadreza Jenabzadeh (MSc.)

Title: Semi-Stability Theory and Its Application in Adaptive Notch Filter, In Progress.


S5. 2012


Hadi Yazdani (MSc.)

Title: On the Discretization of Adaptive Notch Filter, In Progress


S4. 2012

Mehrdad Yazdanian (MSc.)

Title: Identification and Rejection of Exponentially Damped Sinusoidal Signal Using Extended Kalman Filter, March 2012.





Behnam Asadi-Khashoei (MSc.)

Title: A Hybrid Adaptive Observer for Frequency Estimation of Saturated Sinusoidal Signals, February 2012.





Mohammadali Ghadiri-Modarres (MSc.)

Title: Identification and Control of Exponentially Damped Sinusoidal Signals Using Adaptive Identifier, September 2011.


S1. 2010

Mohammad Jahvani (MSc.)

Title: An Adaptive Algorithm for Estimation of Frequency and Damping Factor of Damped Sinusoidal Signal: Analysis and Design, January 2010.


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